Fees (Business & Personal) *

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Premium Chequing Account

$13.35 per month

  • Free debits for cheques and in-branch withdrawals
  • Free bill payments (internet banking)
  • Free Interac direct payments
  • Free personalized cheques (basic)
  • Free monthly statement with cheque images
  • Free CU ATM transactions (Canada)*

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Personal Accounts
Per Debit on Chequing/Savings $0.65
Interac Direct Payment Fee $0.65
ATM Withdrawal Fee $0.65
Per Debit on U.S. Account $1.00
Non-Personalized Cheque Cleared $5.00
Cheque Certification (Member) $5.00
Cheque Certification (Non-Member) $15.00
Charge Back (Personal) $5.00
Cheque Drawn in U.S. Funds $7.00
Money Orders - Canadian $5.00
Money Orders - U.S. $6.00
Overdraft Charge $7.00
NSF Cheque Returned $35.00
Official Cheque/ Primary Order $5.00
Stop Payment $10.00/$17.00
Monthly Service Charge on Unclaimed Balances


Statement on Demand $1.00/page
Annual Inactive Account Fee $18.00

Bill Payment

    Over-the-Counter - Member

    Via internet






Business Premium Chequing Account

$34.95 per month

  • First 50 debits, credits and direct debit payments free
  • Free bill payments (internet banking)
  • Free mailing of monthly statements with cheque images

Business Standard Chequing Account

  • Chequing services
  • Direct payments
  • Electronic fund transfers
  • Automatic fund transfers
  • Monthly statements with cheque images
  • Internet banking

Business Accounts
Per Cheque, Withdrawal or Other Debit Item $.85
Per Deposit to Account $.85
Monthly Maintenance Fee $5.00
Per Debit on U.S. Account $1.00
Cheque Received on Collection $25.00
Cheque Certification (Member) $7.00
Cheque Certification (Non-Member) $15.00
Official Cheque/ Primary Order $7.00
NSF Cheque Returned $35.00
Charge Back Fee $5.00
Overdraft Charge $7.00
Stop Payment $10.00/$17.00
Account Confirmation $30.00
Disposable Night Deposit Bags $1.00/bag
Commercial Loan Application
Up to $100,000
Greater than $100,000

$150.00 min.
on a per loan basis

Bill Payment

    Over-the-Counter - Member

    Via internet






Personalized Cheques
Credit union personalized cheques are available for the above chequing accounts at the following competitive rates:
4(personal)  cheques $2.50
100 cheques market price
200 cheques market price
8 business cheques $7.50
100 business cheques market price



  • 30 free debits per month
  • Free monthly statement (pickup only), mail $3.00
  • Internet banking available
  • Standard service fees apply on all other services



Premium Savings

  • Interest calculated on daily closing balance, paid on last day of each month
  • $1.50 per debit (one free debit per month)
  • No maintenance fee
  • No minimum deposit required

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Term Deposits
  • Competitive rates for terms from 30 days to 5 years
  • Interest paid annually or compounded
  • Choose from automatic renewal or principle and interest to be paid to any NWCU account
  • Transfers easily arranged from other institutions
  • No fees for maintaining plan
  • Competitive fixed rate terms from 1 to 5 years
  • Transfer out fee $50.00
  • Variable rate withdrawal $5.00
Variable Rate
  • Interest calculated daily and paid semi-annually
  • Free auto transfers from your account
  • Redeemable/transferable at any time


Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Credit Unions (Canada) $0.65
CIRRUS - USA $3.50
CIRRUS - Other International $6.50

Internet Banking with 24 Hour Bill Payment

Go to www.nwcu.mb.ca

  • Sign up in branch
  • Free unlimited account access
Fee per bill payment $0.65


Direct Deposit

Free automatic deposit of pay or pension available for immediate withdrawal without the risk of loss or mail delay.


Safety Deposit Boxes - per year
1.5" x 5" $33.00 + GST
2.5" x 5" $39.00 + GST
3.25" x 5" $45.00 + GST
5" x 5" $56.00 + GST
2.5" x 10" $59.00 + GST
5" x 10" $89.00 + GST
10" x 10" $125.00 + GST
Key Replacement $10.00 + cost
To drill the box if key is lost $25.00 + cost



  • Transfers from other financial institutions
  • Pre-approved mortgages
  • 20% pre-payment privilege per year
  • Fixed or variable rate terms available

Mortgage Discharge

Mortgage Paid Out $210.00 min.
Mortgage Re-Advancement $500.00 min.


Personal Loans
  • Variable or fixed rate terms
  • Pre-approved loans
  • Optional Credit Life & Disability Coverage
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment options


Line of Credit
  • Overdraft protection up to a pre-authorized limit
  • Instant access to funds for purchases or bill payments
  • Interest only on balances used, charged monthly


CU MasterCard

Ask about the various card options available. CHOICE Rewards Program offers travel or merchandise rewards.

View more information about loans and mortgages.



* Available only at Ding-Free CU ATMs

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